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bio-intensive beds
bio-intensive beds

La Colina Linda (LCL Farm & Cottage) sits atop one of the many lovely hills in Southern Illinois and the Shawnee National Forest.  Some refer to this area as the Illinois Ozarks.  The LCL Farm is located in Union County, in the greater Cobden area with the specific address of 610 Heern Road, Cobden, IL 62920 and consists of one acre.

Farming philosophy includes four season growing, chemical free methods, permaculture development, double-dug beds, certified organic (non-GMO) seeds, veganic compost, mulch, cover crops, plant rotation and integrated pest management.

Our hospitality is open and inclusive at LCL Farm with gluten-free vegan plant-based meals for breakfast, the wine trail, catered meals and retreats. Two bedrooms and baths. Fully equipped kitchen. ADA ramp. Se habla español.

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